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Modes of Practice on Stimuler App

1. Impromptu Practice

Get a topic, speak for 60 seconds, get live feedback

That's all! Unlimited topics to practice

Speak • Get Feedback • Repeat

Impromptu Practice

2. Theme Based

From family to hobbies to technology, practice across 20+ exciting themes and get instant feedback

Sample answers and improvement tips also included!

Theme Based

3. Daily Improvement Roadmap

A set of speech exercises customized to your individual strengths and weaknesses

Practice for just 10 minutes a day

Daily Improvement Roadmap
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More About Our Report

Our AI-powered tech goes deep into speech analysis & you don't get scores but also constructive feedback. Here's what we analyse:

Vocabulary feature


Check if the applicant possesses an advanced vocabulary & understands the correct usage

Fluency feature


Check the way applicant maintains their speech rate, clarity & pauses to showcase fluency

Pronunciation feature


Check pronunciation skills across different phonemes in English

Emotion feature


Learn if the applicant is able to keep a positive tone while speaking & whether they can vary according to scenarios

Intonation feature


Learn if the test-taker knows which words to stress & has the ability to stress

Grammar feature


Learn if the applicant makes common grammar mistakes while speaking

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Who is this app for ?

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Stimuler provides you an IELTS Band Score after each speaking practice session. You also get IELTS Mock Tests, cue-card practice and detailed feedback on pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency & grammar

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Preparing for Interviews

If you want to practice your communication skills for your upcoming job interview, the Stimuler App is a great place for you to practice & hone your skills. You get a diverse range of topics from hobbies to technology, and comprehensive feedback

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Working Professionals

1000s of working professionals use Stimuler to advance their workplace communication skills through regular conversation practice withour AI Bot

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Aspiring Public Speakers

Do you want to become more confident & influential when you speak in public? Stimuler can help- we give you feedback on your emotion, stress, confidence etc. so that you shine when your moment comes

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What Our Users Say

It looks just like a teacher- After each one minute speech, you will receive analysis, pointing out your weaknesses. Love it

Zaw Min Tun,Vietnam

Its a boon for the students who wants to practice speaking at hope without any tutor. It gives the perfect feedback which will surely upgrade your band score

Darshan Mahavar,India

The app is brilliant! You can't find anything better than that. I used it for Toefl prep, and I was able to know my mistakes in grammar, fluency, intonation and more..highly recommended!

Fatima Shkokani,USA

Genius app, I loved it - worth every single cent. To get a high band in IELTS, this app is the golden egg. It gives you a topic, some guidelines and tells you how to perform better

Eslam Baha,Egypt

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